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Selena ( April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995)
She was my role model, so read on about her. Even after her death, she is still famous, Her records are still being released. She made spanish ones, english crossovers, and mixed albums. She opened her own fashion boutique and designed her own clothes.

When Selena was 9, her father started a group called, Selena Y los Dinos, and she sang at her fathers restuarant. Even at a young age, everyone knew she was going to be a star someday. When the restaurant went bankrupt, the family was out on the street. They moved to corpus christi, Texas, and to make money the group sang everywhere they could.
First album
Selena recorded her first album in 1984, however the album was only released in 1995. Since she was so popular, she was pulled out of school when she was in grade 8. She finnished high school,by mail. She began traveling for concerts and her career started becoming better in 1986.
Tejano music awards
Selena won an award for the best female vocalist, and started apearing on television shows. In 1988 2 albums were released, and in 1989 Selena got signed with capitol/EMI Latin Label, and that was her big break!
New Members
Thousands of people started coming to her concerts and the band began to grow.In 1990, a fan approached Selena's father about a fan club, and the wish came true, the Selena Fan Club started. Also in 1992, Selena married Chris Perez, and she opened her fashion boutique.
The Last Concert
In febuary of 1995, Selena did her last concert, in Houston, Texas.Also in feb. trouble started. Fans were complaining that they didn't receive the packets they paid for in the fan club.Selena and her father found out that Selena's fan club manager(Yolanda Saldivar)was keeping the money and not sending out the stuff, and she also stole some records. In early march, 1995, Selena fired Yolanda. Although Yolanda was fired there was still some missing paperwork, so Yolanda was find it.
The tradgic end
On march 31st,1995, Selena went to the Days Inn where Yolanda was staying to get the papers, after a long fight, Yolanda took out a .38-caliber revolver and shot Selena in the right shoulder. With all her strength, Selena ran to the lobby to get help, and collapsed on the ground. An ambluance came and took Selena to the hospital, and at 1:05pm Selena was pronounced dead. Yolinda was captured and is sentenced to life in prison.
Her Museum
Visit Selena's museum in Texas!
Selena Museum
5410 Leopard ST.
Corpus Christi,Texas
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Sparky misses Selena :(